What You Need to Know.
 Blog Article: April 19, 2021

It is essential for us that our members fully understand the structure and benefits of the evolve FCU Membership Plan and what it means to be in a specific tier.
The Membership Plan includes four distinct tiers: Basic, Plus, Platinum, and Diamond Elite. It is designed to maximize the membership experience by offering exclusive rewards and help members avoid service fees along the way.

In this blog, we will solely highlight the Basic Membership Plan.

A Basic Membership Plan is a household made up of loans and/or shares totaling $5,000 or less. This plan has a $9 monthly checking account fee, but you can avoid it! Simply make 15 or more debit card transactions a month using your e-Priority Checking account and watch that fee disappear. These transactions include purchases like groceries, gas, shopping, etc. Please note that this does not include ATM withdrawals. You can easily keep track of your transaction count from your Mobile app (example below).

A Basic Plan Is Just the Beginning of Something Great!
By this point, you might be wondering, "what's next?"? Maybe you are new to the financial world and need to open your very first checking account. Or you just got married and are in the process of combining both of your finances into one primary financial institution. Perhaps you are buying a new car or your first home.

These are common scenarios of members that are seeking financial stability, health, and value. evolve FCU is here to help you grow! Remember, the more you contribute as a member into evolve FCU, the more evolve FCU will reward you with benefits like the Patronage Dividend*!

How Do You Move Up to a Plus Tier?
Refinance your current auto loan with evolve FCU
• Bring over your certificate of deposits (CDs)
• Take out your next personal loan with evolve FCU

We invite all our members in the Basic Plan tier to explore the additional benefits and opportunities available to them when moving up the membership tiers and into the Plus, Platinum, or Diamond Elite plans.

*The Board of Directors must approve the distribution of the Patronage Dividend each year. Visit our website at lu.76revolution.net at the Patronage Dividend icon for Eligibility Criteria. Not all primary members will receive a dividend due to non-qualifying factors.

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